In order to really appreciate the depth of flavour you get from ice cider you really need to try it for yourself. This is a truly unique drink, which can be enjoyed all year round.

We have brought together what we feel are some of the best Ice Ciders, not only from the UK but also from Canada, The USA and Sweden.

How is Ice Cider made?

Ice Cider was first made in Canada in 1990. Simply put, it's made by concentrating the unfermented apple juice and then fermenting it for up to 8 months. This results in a very different drink to normal Cider. There are two distinct methods of production, briefly explained below:

Cryoconcentration - Pressed apple juice is frozen (either by natural means or artificial), and because the water element of the juice freezes at a different temperature to the sugary must, it can be extracted prior to fermentation. This leaves a concentrated liquid, which is around 20 percent of the original juice. This is then made in to Ice Cider.

Cryoextraction - This method of production involves pressing frozen apples straight from the tree. In Canada there are certain rare varieties of apple, which remain on the tree during winter. The concentration of the juice occurs naturally via dehydration in the sun, and the apples are also cooked slightly during the process. These apples are then picked, pressed and made in to Ice Cider.

Both methods result in a very sweet and intensely fruity drink, which is a fantastic alternative to a traditional dessert wine.