Rock Hill Cider - Beara 2018

Beara is produced from Tremletts Bitter, Sweet Alford and Golden Knob apple varieties.


Rock Hill Cider is produced from cider apples grown in traditional Devon orchards. The apples are collected, milled and pressed as they have been for hundreds of years. The juice is then fermented with wild yeasts but in modern fermentation vessels to ensure a high standard and unique flavour.

A few of the trees in Rock Hill's orchards are over 100 years old but the majority were planted by them and are carefully chosen local varieties, a number grafted from neighbouring orchards. There are also some veteran varieties from Cornwall and Somerset. 


This style of cider is native to the West Country and tends to reflect more tannin than ciders from other parts of the country.


Rock Hill make their ciders in small batches, editions of 100 to 500 bottles, blended at the point of pressing. Each batch is unique to that vintage.


The initial fermentation takes place in bulk containers, with a secondary fermentation taking place after bottling. The bottles are matured for at least six months and sometimes much longer. The secondary 'in bottle' fermentation throws a small yeast deposit and creates a cider which is semi-sparkling, the level of sparkle being slightly variable!

Rock Hill Cider - Beara 2018

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  • 750ml